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With days filled with deadlines and meetings and nights filled with anxiety about them, millennials are in desperate need of companionship. Some find it fulfilled by peers, and others choose pets to substitute relationships with people. One might adopt a pet out of a childhood dream of owning a pet that never came true or just out of their love for the furry friends. Whatever be the reason, the decision of getting a pet is a fulfilling one, ripe with adventure.

Nothing beats a long walk with your pet on a fresh dewy morning or the look on their faces when they know it is playtime! Cats and dogs offer unconditional love and camaraderie and provide a plethora of therapeutic aids such as improved general health and wellbeing; after all, who doesn’t like a cuddle from a furry friend at the end of a long, tiring day?

But when a full time working individual thinks of adopting a pet, he/she has a million other things to factor in till they can finally decide on it. This is where technology can come to their rescue and make the process of owning a pet hassle-free! A lot of pet care apps have cropped up recently allowing better caretaking of pets.

How do telehealth apps for pets work?

Telehealth apps for pets work much like telehealth for people. You download an app from your phone’s app store, set up an account, and schedule the service you need for your pet.

Some pet health apps offer monthly or annual subscriptions. Others charge a flat fee. Many charge fees based on the vet you interact with and the type of visit.

Once you’re connected to a veterinarian through an app, you may communicate via text or email for simple questions. For video visits, your pet may or may not need to be on camera with you. Check with the app or your veterinarian to schedule a visit that works for you and your pet.

7 Apps for All of Your Pet Care Needs

1. BringFido

This convenient app lets you explore different pet-friendly places that you can enjoy with your pooch. Users can search through over 250,000 different locations, including dog parks, hotels, attractions, restaurants, vacation rentals, and more, and learn each location’s doggy rules, such as leash laws and other important info.

2. Puppr

This is probably not the first time you’ve seen or heard of Puppr. This app has been around for years yet has continued to get better. The devs have continued to invest in the app by adding new features with update after update. Apple even featured it as an Editor’s Choice. The app is a fantastic go-to option for training your dog. Puppr has more than 70 lessons available to you put together by professional trainers. Each lesson is comprised of clear written instructions as well as photos and videos for you to see the lesson in action. Struggling? Jump into the app to chat with a live trainer to get their insight on what you can do. Your dog has its own profile in the app, where you can track your progress through all the lessons. They’ve gamified training your pup by awarding accolades in the form of digital badges for finished classes.

The app also features an in-app digital clicker for clicker training and a curated shop of training treats, training equipment, crates, and other necessities signed-off on by respected trainers. This app has so much a new — or existing — dog owner needs and it only gets better over time and more and more classes, items, and features are added.

3. FitBark

FitBark monitors your dog’s everyday activity and sleep and turns that data into deep, actionable health insights. It’s a new way to motivate you and your dog to be active; explain changes in behavior; and make better decisions with your vet about nutrition, mobility, anxiety, skin conditions, and other health issues. (Requires a Fit Bark dog activity monitor.)

4. Tagg (Free with Tagg Tracker)

Working alongside the Tagg pet tracking system, the Tagg app makes it easy to track where you pet is if he or she gets out of the house. Start by purchasing the Tagg GPS tracker, which starts at $99 and attaches to your pet’s collar. Use the app to view your pet’s location and get directions on how to get to him or her. You’ll also receive notifications if your pet gets out so that you can attend to the situation immediately. Aside from finding your lost pet, the app also uses GPS to track your pet’s activity levels to help make the best decisions about your pet’s health.

5. Tiktok

If you’ve got a fluffy friend of any variety — be it purring kit-cat, a slobbery ball-chasing fluffer, or perhaps a bun-bun with a boop-able nose — you’ve got to share the cuteness with the world. Of course old standbys such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are perfect for sharing your adorable pet but the new kid on the block is TikTok.

TikTok is a social media app for sharing short video clips with the world. Show off your dogs new trick, brag about your lake-side nap with your dog, or show them acting derpy around the home.

The app is easy to use, simple to upload your own vids, and is full of special effects to overlay text and animations to make your videos stand out. Not to mention how addicting it is to sit and swipe away looking at everyone else’s canine friends.

I love that it focuses on video rather than photos as none of the other platforms are really optimized for video. Insta, Facebook, Twitter all can share videos, but were created with photos and text in mind. Best of all, like most other social media, it is free to download and use.

6. Rover

Whether you’re a pet parent in search of a dog sitter or someone who wants to work as a pet caretaker, Rover can help by connecting you. The biggest company of its kind, Rover lists dog walkers, pet boarders, house sitters and others who love pets in more than 10,000 cities.

7. Pets Next Door

If you’re a true animal lover and a social media enthusiast, then this app is perfect for you. Create a profile for your pet, upload cute pictures, and browse other local pets and those around the world. Join groups, and even enter your pet in a contest (like which pet is the cutest!). Even if you don’t have a pet, you can use the app to browse silly pet pictures and read stories about pets in your neighborhood.

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