Treadmill Maintenance: Keep It Like New

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If you’re lucky enough to have a treadmill at home, you’ve probably already enjoyed it for jogging the world from your own home and have realized its benefits. Whether it’s for walking, jogging or running, this cardio machine offers a number of possibilities that translate into health benefits. In this sense, in order to obtain all the utilities and benefits of a treadmill, as well as to avoid contingencies and extend its life, it is necessary to carry out regular treadmill maintenance, thus keeping your safety first and foremost. And secondly, you can enjoy the machine as long as you want to continue to achieve challenges and improve yourself. Follow the tips below to maintain your treadmill properly.

How do you change a treadmill band?

In order to carry out good maintenance of a treadmill, one day it will be necessary to change the treadmill’s band, so below we show you step by step how to change a treadmill’s band.

  1. The first step is to loosen the four engine mounting bolts
  2. Then the tension adjustment bolt of the drive belt and tread is released by turning the rear bolts counter-clockwise
  3. The next step in changing a treadmill belt is to remove the four screws from the mounting cover-you’ll find them on either side of the cover.
  4. Remove the cover to one side, and remove the rear roller together with the two front roller bolts
  5. Removing the old tread
  6. When installing the new one, just follow these steps but in reverse to have your new tape installed.

And so much for the process of changing a treadmill belt. Easy, right?

How do you lubricate your treadmill?

One of the most important and often overlooked aspects of treadmill maintenance is lubrication, which allows the belt to slide on the rails and thus follow the cycle and speed or tilt options, among others. A lubrication that should be clarified, can be automatic, so its revision will not be so constant.

Although it is true that each belt has its own specifications, when it comes to lubrication – the process of which is indicated in the instructions – there are a number of aspects in common. Here are the most frequently asked questions about how to properly lubricate a treadmill.

How often should it be lubricated?

The answer to this question varies according to the hours of the day to be used or the weight of the user. But we recommend at least once a month to keep you safe.

How to lubricate the treadmill? | Step by step

  1. First, it is necessary to disconnect the power cord, then check the cover or walking belt.
  2. The instructions for lifting the cover are usually indicated in the manual of the belt, but normally these equipments have two rear axles with screws that can be unscrewed to lift the cover. Doing so on one side is sufficient.
  3. After that, the spray is applied only on the surface to lubricate the treadmill.
  4. You turn the machine on at a slow pace to walk for about 10 minutes to adjust the amount of lubricant needed, on the other hand, by keeping it moving the lubrication spreads itself
  5. If excess lubricant has been applied, it is removed and the cover replaced. It should be noted that excess lubricant is not too harmful as the movement of the belt itself distributes this excess.
  6. When replacing the cover, it is necessary not to adjust the shafts that are too tight or loose in order to avoid misalignment in the machine and, therefore, contingencies when using it.

These would be the steps that answer the question of how to lubricate a treadmill, if you have any doubt do not hesitate to contact us.

What lube to use for your treadmill?

In spray format, you will find Teflon or silicone based lubricants. Your choice in principle depends on the requirements of each treadmill, which will indicate the best lubricant base, and its compatibility with the material. So this question of which lubricant to use for your treadmill can only be answered once you know the model and have looked at the manual.

In short, the treadmill requires some maintenance after its purchase, among which is the lubrication. The process, as you’ll see, has no greater complexity than lifting one of the axes, applying the spray…and voila! The treadmill is now lubricated and ready to keep up with your challenges.

Do you want to know which treadmill fits your needs and goals? Ask our team, they will offer you the one that fits your physical condition, sports goals and budget. And if you have any more questions about treadmill maintenance, don’t hesitate to ask.

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