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You might want to live forever, like some Greek god or sparkling vampire. But the truth of the matter is, vampires never seem to get gum disease. And Zeus never had prostate cancer. We mere mortals not only die, but get sick—sometimes painfully so.

There’s no point living long if you’re not healthy while doing it.

That’s why we scoured the latest medical journals and studies to uncover the top 38 ways you can live healthy for as long as possible. Not only will this advice extend your life, it’ll lead to a happier and healthier one, too. Hygieia—the Goddess of health—would approve.

10 Simple Rules to Follow If You Want to Live to 100

Plant Protein Benefits | Swap Red Meat With Plant Protein for a Healthy Heart

1. Swap out red meat

You don’t have to become a strict vegetarian—in fact, research has shown that swapping out some of your servings of red meat for high-quality plant protein (such as soy or legumes), can reduce your cholesterol levels. Other studies have found that making those healthy swaps can significantly lower your risk of premature death—especially from heart disease. If you’re looking for good sources of plant protein, here are 15.

2. Eat even more fruits and veggies

You already know you need to eat your fruits and veggies, but did you know that skimping on them could lead to an earlier demise? A 2017 study found that an astounding 5.6 to 7.8 million premature deaths worldwide stem from people eating less than 500 grams of fruit (approximately two servings) and 800 grams of vegetables (about 3.5 servings) daily. Check out 8 things that happen to your body when you don’t eat enough fruits and veggies.

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3. Don’t Live Alone Forever

The science is clear—social isolation is a significant risk for early death and heart disease. One study showed that marriage is associated with longer lifespans. The researchers concluded “never having never been married is a better predictor of poor health outcomes than either divorce or widowhood.” And the health impacts of loneliness aren’t only for the elderly—in fact, they may be even stronger in younger ages.

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4. Rethink retirement

We’re not saying you have to deal with a 9-to-5 grind forever, but there is great value in continuing to do something you love—it brings purpose to your life. Researchers were able to link a sense of purpose in life with an 83 percent reduction in death from all causes and a significantly lower risk of cardiovascular trouble such as stroke or heart attack, according to a 2016 review of ten studies.

All About Fats: Why You Need Them in Your Diet – Cleveland Clinic

5. Eat the right fats

Reducing the amounts of unhealthy trans and saturated fat in your diet will go a long way toward helping you live to 100. A recent study found that for every 2 percent increase in trans fat in your diet, your risk of premature death jumps by 16 percent. And just a 5 percent increase in saturated fat boosts your risk of early death by 8 percent. On the flip side, replace those artery-clogging fats with healthier poly and monounsaturated fats, and you will likely live longer. Watch for these signs that you’re not eating enough healthy fats.

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6. Discover pulses

Beans, peas, chickpeas, lentils—they’re all pulses, and people who live in the Blue Zones—areas famous for their high number of centenarians—eat an average of one cup of pulses per day. Some of the reasons why these plant foods help extend life: Pulses are high in fiber, low in calories and often replace unhealthier protein sources such as red meat. And research suggests that eating just one serving a day can reduce your levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol.

Go Nuts to Lose Weight! - Indoindians.com

7. Go nuts

Munching on a handful of nuts every day is a tasty way to help you live to 100. In a study of nearly 120,000 adults, those who ate nuts every day were 20 percent less likely to have died during the 30-year follow up than those who reported eating no nuts. Yes, nuts are high in fat, but it’s mostly the healthy unsaturated kind—plus they are high in protein and fiber and have been shown to improve cholesterol and blood pressure levels. If you’re looking to add more nuts to your diet, start with these 5 healthiest nuts.

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8. Manage stress better

You probably know that too much stress can raise your risk of diseases that can shorten your life. But stress isn’t going away, so set the goal of finding ways to cope. Meditation is one very effective method for reducing the negative health impacts of stress, but even some simple breathing exercises like these can help. Once a day, sit quietly for a few minutes and focus on nothing but breathing in and out, trying to slow down your breath to a count of four (or more) on both the inhale and exhale.

The Health Benefits of Laughter - Golden Gate Obstetrics & Gynecology

9. Laugh more

Not only is laughing fun, but it’s also good for you! One 2016 study published in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine found that women with a strong sense of humor had a 73 percent lower risk of death from heart disease, an 81 percent lower risk of death from infection, and a 48 percent lower risk of death from all causes.

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10. Be nicer

A 2012 study published in the journal Aging found a correlation between optimism and longer lifespans. That’s right: A positive attitude toward life can be the difference between checking out early and being the last one at the party.

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